Come along with me, and the butterflies and bees... 

Controls :

-Player 1 : WASD or Left-stick

-Player 2 : Arrow keys or Right-stick

Please note that the controller support only work on the PC & Mac versions (download below).

Thi)s game is best played by two players, but you can try it solo if your have good hand eyes coordination.

 This game is part of the GMTK Game Jam 2021 (Joined together).

I chose to take the theme litteraly by joining the two players together with the net. If they get too far from each other they will bounce back.

This is my first released game and my first participation in a game jam. Be kind and enjoy.

Credits :

-Musics by Kevin MacLeod : Summer day, Happy Bee, MetalMania

PS : Bees & butterflies are friends. Please do not harm or try to catch them IRL.


Download 169 MB
Download 110 MB

Install instructions

For windows: Download and unzip the file. Then launch the game with  the .exe.

For Mac : Download and unzip the file. Then launch the game with  the .app. You might get a warning the first time you open the game (unknow editor). Just go in system preference > security & privacy to allow your mac running the game.


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Reminded me of the Flash-era games.

Well done.

BTW, Would love for you to try my game too.

It is an Action Platformer with unique controls.